Homeowners have many aspects to consider when planning a tree removal project. Along with the cost, scheduling and speed of a tree services expert homeowners also need to think about the waste factor. Look for a reputable tree services company that offers tree repurposing and cut back on the amount of tree waste and debris shipped to your local landfill.

Here are five ways trees can be repurposed after removal:

Mulch – This process makes sense. Chopping old stumps, limbs and wood chips into mulch used in both residential and commercial applications cuts back on unnecessary waste and helps to enhance soil condition over time.

Electricity Generation – Just as stumps, wood clippings and tree removal waste can be chipped down to mulch, the same material can also be converted to biofuel for use in electricity generation. Your local tree removal expert will direct the wood to the appropriate company. Some tree species are in higher demand as biofuel.

Firewood – Besides being turned into biofuel used in modern processes of electricity generation a downed tree may also be cut into firewood. Many homes across the continent continue to rely on firewood for heat, making this repurposing option desirable in various locations.

Building Materials – Larger logs and branches resulting from tree removal projects can be shipped to mills and transformed into building materials, such as dimensional lumber and plywood. Success depends on the size, condition and species of the tree being removed, but in many cases this method of tree repurposing offers a simple, cost-effective solution.

Loam Additive – Stumps ground out of your property offer several distinct benefits to loam mixtures. Soil caught up in the stump waste is separated and combined with high quality compost to create a superior loam mixture.

In addition to reducing the load on landfills and offering a more environmentally friendly alternative, tree repurposing also helps to cut costs. The above processes provide several options to help make the tree removal industry more efficient from all avenues.